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Particles - Pattern 8

Block Meister Exclusive

The Artwork




"I started to work on a particle system while studying at Goldsmiths on my MA in Computational Arts. The system evolved to create intricate patterns during an art residency at Samsung Electronics in Seoul. Originally created for live performances, where various properties of the particles can be manipulated in real time, Particles is a computer program that generates interwoven coloured particles to create graphic pattern-like kaleidoscopes."

Damien Borowik in his studio.

Samsung UD970 Damien Borowik and Jono Lee © 2014 Samsung.jpeg

Particles - Pattern 8

Particles - Pattern 8 was originally created to be applied to fabric for a photoshoot by photographer Jono Lee in Seoul to promote the launch of Samsung’s new UHD professional monitor. 


Damien Borowik and Jono Lee, courtesy of Samsung Electronics Inc. © 2014

Inspired  by Jordan Belson's cinematic work and Op Art, the idea being Pattern 8 is to express a feeling of plenitude, when one can experience the sublime and feel whole, beyond the sum of one’s parts. 

For this exclusive NFT collection, Damien has created 4 series of Pattern 8, each representing a new seasonal iteration where the shapes of each particle, the kinetic dimension, and the variations in colour palettes have been completely reworked from the ground up.

This is an edition of 12 individual artwork on the concept of Summer with a signed certificate of authenticity and a unique picture of the code used to produce the artwork, specific to each NFT in this collection.

What is included?​

  • One original video file registered as a NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

    • Format: Mpeg-4

    • Dimensions: 2560 x 1440 pixels

    • Duration: 25 seconds - Looped

    • File Size: 89.3Mb

  • A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist including the artwork number and token ID.

  • One picture of a section of the code, unique to each specific NFT in the collection (12 different pictures in total for 12 NFTs). 

Fabric © 2014 Jono Lee.jpg

Jono Lee © 2014

_5SY2011 © 2014 Jono Lee.jpg

Jono Lee © 2014

Courtesy of Samsung Electronics Inc. © 2014

COA Particles Pattern 8 - Summer - Borowik - Specimen.png

Certificate of authenticity - Specimen

PP8-Summer-CodeExcerpt Specimen.png

Section of the code as PNG - Specimen

Curatorial Notes

Madeleine Pierpont Portrait _edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Madeleine Pierpont

Madeleine is Head of Global Partnerships and Business Development for The Lumen Prize and a member of The Whitney Museum of American Art's Digital Acquisition Committee.

​Borowik’s Pattern 8 is a mesmerizing meditation on the concept of plenitude. 


Generated using numbers from the fibonacci sequence and guided by golden ratio principles, the work captivates in its balance between chaos and control, part and whole. 


Mathematical and algorithmic in his approach, the artist generates each Pattern 8 iteration with a differing set of parameters that determine shape, color and movement. While the eye is immediately drawn to the intricate geometry of each resulting composition, one is ultimately left gazing into the overall tapestry: a gently shifting and vivid kaleidoscope of color. 


The exclusive NFT drop of 50 Pattern 8 editions is made even more exciting by its evolving states. Pattern 8’s visual articulation first took form as fabric print. It is fitting that Pattern 8 should once again be represented in a new medium in this NFT collection.

The Artist

dm_studio03 © 2015 Tas Kyprianou.jpg

Damien Borowik in his studio.

Damien Borowik is a French artist based in London, UK. In his work, he explores the use of technology in the art of making. With a strong emphasis on serendipity and new aesthetics, he works across media, seamlessly embedding analogue and digital processes to create unique works.


Damien develops his own creative tools digitally and physically, using mechanical components, electronics and programming code. His work spans many disciplines including painting, printmaking and traditional drawing as much as electronics, coding, video, light, virtual reality and sound.


After studying applied arts at the École National Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués et Métiers d’Arts (ENSAAMA) in Paris, France, he went on to study for a BA in Graphic design at Central Saint Martins, London, UK. He later pursued his study at Goldsmiths, University of London on an MA in Computational Arts. Borowik currently teaches creative coding at the Creative Computing Institute while working on commercial projects for some clients such as Christian Dior Couture, Samsung Electronics, Southbank Centre and Sir Terence Conran.



His recent exhibitions include Chance and Control at the Victoria & Albert museum, Event Two of CAS50 at the Royal College of Art, the Lumen Matrix International Digital Art exhibition and the Today Art Museum in Beijing.


Some of Borowik’s artworks can be found in the Victoria & Albert Museum permanent collection and in the Computer Art Society collection.

Would you like to own it?

Artwork insitu Summer.png

The first series "Summer Plénitude" is a collection of 12 digital artwork. For a limited time, collectors will receive:

  • The digital video file ready for download with its corresponding NFT registered on the Ethereum blockchain,

  • A certificate of authenticity signed by the artists as a PDF, numbered with the token ID,

  • One picture of a section of the code, unique to each specific NFT in the collection (12 different pictures in total for 12 NFTs), 

  • Automatic enrolment into the Block Meister Exclusive club entitling you to 15% discount on future Block Meister Exclusive purchases, access to talks with artists, exclusive content, previews, events and preferential rates on our upcoming DAO.

Click on "Purchase" to be directed to the Block Meister page on where these artwork are available for sale.

About Block Meister Exclusive

While we are putting the final touches to our platform, we will be offering a number of exclusive collections for sale. Collectors will enjoy a number of privileges that will carry throughout as we launch and grow. 


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The Team

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